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Since our humble start in 1997, we have helped clients worldwide Prosper and Succeed with our time-tested Feng Shui strategies, with a strong focus on Improving Luck and Enriching Lives.


From Residential Feng Shui to Commercial Fengshui Consultation, let our whole range of expertise guide you through the uncertainty of life while you enjoy peace of mind.


Sharing Expertise

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At Nine Wealth Palace, we believe in empowering personal change through knowledge. Sticking to this belief, we created multiple video content to impart our knowledge and expertise to our worldwide audiences.

Emphasizing the importance of unlocking one's life potential, we hope to empower individuals the ability to improve their life through harnessing the power of our accumulated wisdom.

Success Stories

For the past 2 decades, we are pleased to have helped clients from all walks of life to Prosper and Succeed with our WEALTH Enhancing Fengshui Tips and Strategies. We have been Improving Luck and Enriching Lives since 1997.

We are humbled to have created numerous success stories for our clients worldwide, and their testament has proven the effectiveness of our customized Fengshui and BaZi solutions. 

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Feng Shui Jade Collections

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Jade has been highly regarded as the most esteemed gemstone for thousands of years and has long been considered the essential auspicious stone in Feng Shui applications due to its natural ability to improve luck in wealth, career, business, romance, and health.

Every piece of Nine Wealth Palace Jade Collections is further fortified with our ancient mantra luck blessing and purification ceremony. This procedure includes;

  • Customized luck blessing with owner's name or company's name

  • 7 days continuous luck blessing and purification procedure

  • "Energizing" jade collection for best results and effectivity


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