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Our whole range of Personal and Corporate services are here to help you make important decisions, easier. 


From Life Bazi Analysis to Commercial Fengshui Consultation, let our whole range of expertise guide you through the uncertainty of life while you enjoy a peace of mind.

Sharing Expertise

At Nine Wealth Palace, we believe in empowering personal change through knowledge. Sticking to this belief, we create multiple learning content with intent to impart our knowledge and expertise.

Emphasizing the importance of unlocking one's life potential, we hope to empower individuals the ability to improve their life through harnessing the power of our accumulated wisdom.

Michelle Ong, 29

Life Bazi Analysis

Alison Koh, 47

Commercial Fengshui

Wendy Chia, 33

Residential Fengshui

Grandmaster Chua gives me very good advise for the coming year and his analysis for me is very accurate. I am truly grateful

Company sales increase by 30% after changing a odd piece furniture that have been hindering my wealth luck energy flow. Amazing results!

The Feng Shui consultation by Grandmaster Chua has marvelous effect. After installing the Wealth Luck Generating Device I struck 4D the following week and my husband had a promotion. I will be seeing you very soon thank you v m.

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Energized Luck Charms

All Nine Wealth Palace luck charms are personally energized by our Masters through a traditional luck energizing procedure.

Using personal details of its owners, the luck energizing procedure is a ceremony personalised to its owners . Our Energized Luck charms posses positive luck aura capable of bringing intense luck change to its owner.

Blessed Prediction

At Nine Wealth Palace, we share with our devotees prediction blessed by our honored wealth deity. Never our aim to encourage gambling habits, we believe minor punting relieve stress and increase happiness among our devotees. 


Check out our guide below and be inspired by our accurate predictions. Serving as a guiding reference, always play within your means and responsibly.

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