Auspicious Date Selection

An auspicious date signify a good start and smooth sailing to an event. By choosing the "right" day to accomplish an important activity, it can usher in the necessary good fortune and inch you closer to success. Choosing an auspicious date can bring avoidance to any unhappiness and mishap in the days ahead.

How We Do it?

To select an auspicious date, a Life Bazi Analysis is first calculated and performed using participating parties personal data profile. This is to ensure the auspicious date selected is truly compatible with the 5 element structure, luck cycle and other important details of the owner or participating individual.

Traditional date selection using general cookie-cutter method offers low accuracy due to the low or zero usage of owners data. Our highly customized process offers highly accurate and reliable solution presented to our clients.

Who Needs It?

When selecting marriage date, it is crucial to be on an auspicious date to ensure a happy and blissful marriage ahead. For family moving into a new home, selecting an auspicious date for moving in will bring forth abundance of happiness, wealth and harmony in the family. 


Come find us if you are looking for an auspicious date for these event (not limited to);

- Date to commence home/office renovation 

- Choosing marriage date

- Official opening date for business

- Moving in date for new house

- Date for taking over resale house

- Date to perform medical surgery/operation

- Signing important contract (personal/business)

Our Testimonial


  • $220


  • Analysis of Client (and Spouse) Bazi Profle for Date Compatibility 

  • 2 Auspicious Date for Consideration (Ranking Provided)

  • Client (and Spouse) Personalized Bazi Profile Document

NWP Auspicious Date Selection

Auspicious Date Selection  $220  $198


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Chee Weng, 35

Auspicious Date Selection

Reliable and effective. Will definitely come back again 

Kalista, 29

Auspicious Date Selection

My marriage ceremony went smoothly and it gives me a peace of mind that its taken care of professionally



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