Business Name/Logo Consultation

A good business name and logo is essential to the progress and profitability of a company. To have positive aura luck flowing into the company, business name and logo must possess the suitable elements that can sufficiently attract wealth to its business owners or management.


A company name or logo that is unsuitable to the business owners Bazi profile will create unnecessary clashes and caused monetary outflow. 

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Why Do You Need?

For any businesses to prosper with strong sales figure and and robust revenue performance, the associated business name and logo must be in perfect harmony with the nature of business to create the needed balance.


An unsuitable business name with imperfect logo orientation can upset the overall balance and create unwanted consequences such as, decreasing sales revenue, inharmonious working relationship, unnecessary loss of wealth and increase in competition.


Who Needs It?

Business name and logo consultation is essential for business owners that wish to understand how their businesses can achieve better sales revenue or solve current problems. Come find us if you are currently in these situations (not limited to);

  • Opening a new business

  • Poor sales revenue

  • Wish to increase company sales revenue

  • Unsustainable loss making in business

  • Increase in competitions

  • Decrease in recurring customers

  • Moving into new office premise


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  • FREE Blessed Gold Coin for Increasing Wealth (Worth $48)


  • $550 (Business Name Consultation)

  • $850 (Business Name & Logo Consultation)


  • Analysis of business owners' Bazi profile (2 pax) and provide key recommendation for new name/logo construction

  • Review existing business names/logo and give key recommendation for existing name/logo changes

  • Personalised Bazi Profile Printout

NWP Business Name/Logo Consultation

Businese Name                $550    $495


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Businese Name & Logo   $850    $765





Carrine Loh, 44

Business Name & Logo Consultation

Did some minor tweak on my logo and company name as recommended and effect starts to show immediately. Simply amazing

Our Testimonial

Mr Ramesh M, 33

Business Name & Logo Consultation

The customise logo solution is perfect. Aesthetically beautiful and resonate well with my business branding.