Our whole range of services are here to help you make important decisions easier. Let our expertise guide you through with the uncertainty of life, while you have a peace of mind. 

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Commercial Fengshui 

Fengshui is the ancient art of harmonizing surrounding landscape to create positive energy flow. Through altering the environment to suit business owner's characteristics, balance of energy flow can be achieve to provide a prosperous outcome for businesses by Increasing Business Sales, Harmonious Staff Relationship, Retaining Wealth and Aiding Business Expansion

Business Wealth Luck Booster

Wealth Luck Booster is a signature programme of Nine Wealth Palace. A traditional wealth gathering method inherited by Grandmaster Jack Chua from his mentor, this secret booster aim to help individuals and business owners improve wealth luck and strengthen the ability to keep wealth resources abundant.

Business Name/Logo Consultation

A good business name and logo is essential to the progress and profitability of a company. To have positive aura luck flowing into the company, business name and logo must possess the suitable elements that can sufficiently attract wealth to its business owners or management.

An auspicious date signify a good start and smooth sailing to an event. By choosing the "right" day to accomplish an important activity, it can usher in the necessary good fortune and inch you closer to success. Choosing an auspicious date can bring avoidance to any unhappiness and mishap in the days ahead.

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