Commercial Fengshui 

Fengshui is the ancient art of harmonizing surrounding landscape to create positive energy flow. Through altering the environment to suit business owner's characteristics, balance of energy flow can be achieve to provide a prosperous outcome for businesses by Increasing Business Sales, Harmonious Staff Relationship, Retaining Wealth and Aiding Business Expansion.

Why Do You Need?

For any businesses to prosper with strong sales revenue and good leadership management, the operating commercial space must posses a positive balance of Fengshui energy flowing in its entirety.


A negative energy flow or bad design layout can upset the overall balance and create unwanted consequences in situations alike, decreasing sales revenue, inharmonious working relationship, unnecessary loss of wealth and increase in competition.


Who Needs It?

Commercial Fengshui consultation  is essential for business owners whom wish to understand how their businesses can overcome adversity and achieve better sales revenue. Come find us if you are currently in these situations (not limited to);

- Poor sales revenue

- Wish to increase company sales revenue

- Unsustainable loss making in business

- Increase in competitions

- Decrease in recurring customers

- Moving into new office premise

- Entering into a new Joint Venture

- Inharmonious working relationship

- Facing legal problem


  • $1,880 (Office/Retail)

  • $2,380 (Factory)

Include : 

  • External Premise Geographical Fengshui Analysis

  • Internal Premise Geographical Fengshui Analysis

  • Analysis of Owners Bazi Profile for Compatibility (2 Pax)

  • Praying Procedure for Smooth Renovation

  • Praying Procedure for Prosperous Moving-In

  • Detailed Flying Star Chart Analysis

  • Personalized Bazi Profile Printout

  • Recommendation of suitable wealth luck charms

  • Master's Inspection Visit for "Chi" Flow Audit

  • FAQ Session

NWP Commercial Fengshui

Office/Retail      $1,880      $1,692

  • 10% OFF for Online Booking

  • FREE Blessed Gold Coin for Increasing Wealth (Worth $48)

Online Special Deal (10% Off)

Factory              $2,380      $2,139





*Additional charges applicable for overseas consultation

Our Testimonial

Alison Koh, 47

Commercial Fengshui

Company sales increase by 30% after changing a odd piece furniture that have been hindering my wealth luck energy flow. Amazing results!

Subash T, 24

Commercial Fengshui

Alex TJ, 53

Commercial Fengshui

Grandmaster Chua is very thorough with his analysis. Very professional advice and his followup service is excellent

Great work to Nine wealth team there. FS solutions straight to the point and simple to implement. Highly recommended for anyone looking at zero BS work. Great job guys

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