Our Special "Energized" Lucky Charms

All in-store charms are specially energized by our Master by performing the "Luck Energizing Ritual" for consecutive 30 days.

Luck Energising Ritual is a ceremony which our Master will perform Luck Mantra rites on the selected charms. Charms gone through the ritual posses positive luck aura and energy that will bring its owner immense luck change

Fully Customized Energizing Process

Every charms are uniquely customized to its owner's wealth element, for best possible effect.

Every customer is required to provide his name and date of birth for the calculation of his wealth element.  Based on the owner's derived wealth element, luck energizing ritual will be performed consecutively on the selected charm for 30 days. 

Every charm is fully customized to work in optimal luck changing effect with its current owner.

Certificate of Authenticity

Every charms undergone the 30 days Luck Energizing Ritual will be issue with a certificate of authenticity. 

This certificate serve as a trademark of The Guru Team and differentiate itself with any possible counterfeit products in the market.

Luck Energizing Essence Water

Luck Energizing Essence Water is the culmination of Master's Luck Energizing Ritual in a bottle.


Used for re-energizing of charms after every 6 months of usage, this renewal process keeps your charms positive aura and energy working as vibrant as ever. 

Every essence underwent 30 days of energizing ritual for best optimal effect.

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