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Q: When will I receive the book?

A: Delivery of the book will commence once the order has been confirmed and will take around 7-10 business days for the book to reach you depending on the location of your address. 

Q: Do you deliver internationally?

A: Yes we deliver internationally to any part of the world with our trusted logistic partners.

Q: Can I cancel my order after I make the payment?

A: Unfortunately all confirmed orders are non-refundable. 

Q: Can I change the address of my delivery after I complete the transaction?

A: Yes, you may contact our customer service team at and relay your intention. However, we do not accept any change of address if the parcel is already out for delivery.

Q: Why do you charge me $7.90 and $13,90 if you said the book is free?

A: This book is considered free because the amount you paid for is specifically used for delivery and handling fees for this book. This book retails full price at Amazon for $27.90, and that is where we usually make a profit by selling to the public. We are not making earning any profit from these amounts charged to you.

Q: What is the "Check With Master" service?

A: This service is specifically for our readers to check with our Master if they had correctly implemented the techniques from the book or any inquiries they may have during the course of learning. Just simply send us a video or photograph and our Master will go through them and get back to your inquiry.

Q: When will my "Check With Master" service expire?

A: This service is valid for a lifetime with no expiry. We are here with you for the long haul in your Fengshui learning journey.


Q: When will the consultation take place?

A: After successfully placing your order, our customer service team will contact you swiftly to schedule a consultation appointment at your home address.

Q: Can I add an additional person for the Bazi consultation?

A: Yes, you may add an additional person in for a consultation. This is common for many married couples, business partners, or family members to check for compatibility of the BaZi profile and other matters. However, do take note that there will be an additional charge for every additional person included in the consultation. Contact our customer service team at and we will do the necessary arrangement.

Q: What information do I need to provide for this Feng Shui and Bazi consultation?

A: You will need to provide us with your date of birth (including time of birth), your place of birth, for the Bazi consultation. In addition, the blueprint of your home needs to be provided to us 3 days before the appointment visit.


Q: Can the consultation be conducted in the Chinese language?

A: Yes, our Master is able to conduct the consultation in either English or Chinese language at your preference.

Q: I have purchased the Blessed Wealth Gourd. When will I receive them?

A: The blessed Wealth Gourd will be handed to you during the meetup consultation with our Master. For all online consultations, your blessed item will be delivered to your preferred location.

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