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House Blessing & Purification

Home is the vital place which can affect a person's wealth, luck, health and relationship matters. Apart from having Fengshui consultation, homeowners can perform house blessing and purification to further enhance the positive energy flowing in house. 

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Why You Need It?

Fengshui is the study of achieving balance in energy flow throughout an external and internal House premise. Some houses have problems maintaining a good Fengshui balance due to reasons such as, difficulty in changing physical layout, costly in altering changes or simply spousal difference in opinion in certain aspect.

When Fengshui of a house is not optimal, negative energy flow will occur creating bad influence such as ill health, wealth outflow, disharmony relationship amongst family members. 

House Blessing and Purification will aid in remove the excessive bad energy flow, injecting new energised flow therefore re-balancing the energy,

Who Needs It?

Homeowners looking at improving their relationship, career, business and wealth luck. Come find us if you are currently in these situations (not limited to);

- Disharmony family relationship

- Unable to achieve career breakthrough

- Constant bickering with spouse

- Lost somebody in family

- Having marital problems



  • $580 (HDB)

  • $780 (EC/Condo)

  • $980 (Landed)

Include Free: 

  • Intense Blessing & Purification Procedure

  • Blessing Service with Owners Personal Name & D.O.B

  • Placement of Blessed 5 Emperor Coin (五帝古钱) at Wealth Spot

  • Step-by-Step Guide for Owner's Future Praying 

  • Free Auspicious Luck Charm (worth $190) 

NWP House Blessing & Purification

HDB                        $580       $522

  • 10% OFF for Online Booking

  • FREE Blessed Gold Coin for Increasing Wealth (Worth $48)

Online Special Deal (10% Off)

EC/Condo              $780       $699





Landed                  $980       $882



Our Testimonial

Chan Wai Leng, 47

House Blessing & Purification

Kaine, 35

House Blessing & Purification

I'm very pleased with the whole service. Relationship with my son improves tremendously and the vibe around my home gets more pleasant. Sorry for the constant changing in appointment date!

Appreciate Master highlighting to me the wealth spot in my house. My investment portfolio has grown more than 20% since. Thk u Master n NWP

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