Life Bazi Analysis

Life Bazi Analysis is the ancient studies of a person's life destiny using the 5,000 year old technique of "The 4 Pillar of Destiny".  This traditional technique is widely acclaimed for its depth, sophistication and highly accurate revelation of its owners life events, unfolding in the stipulated time line.

Why Do You Need?

Life Bazi Analysis is basically your unique profile book detailing your every relationship, wealth, career, family events during your lifetime. With the right tools and skillset, every part of it can be unravel with deep insights into your future.

With this study you can have a real unfair advantage by understanding your strength and weakness such as, which job industry is good for you, when is your favorable year to make an investment, or what sort of companion will make a good life partner for you.

Who Needs It?

Life is full of uncertainly. Are you currently at a crossroad making an important decision? You wish for someone that can guide you into making the right one. Come find us if you are currently in these situations (not limited to);

- Making important decisions 

- Having a career change

- Making a big investment

- Starting a business

- Getting married 

- Falling sick 

- Facing obstacles in jobs, relationship or studies


Bazi First Consultation    $198   $178

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  • $198 (First Consultation)

  • $98 (Re-Consultation)

Include: ​

  • Recommendation for Suitable Career Path

  • Provide Analysis & Solutions on Relationship, Wealth, Business, Health, Family matters

  • Detailed Analysis for 10 Year Luck Cycle

  • Detailed Analysis for Current Year

  • FAQ Session

  • Personalised Bazi Profile Printout

NWP Life Bazi Analysis

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  • FREE Blessed Gold Coin for Increasing Wealth (Worth $48)

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Michelle Ong, 29

Life Bazi Analysis

Grandmaster Chua gives me very good advise for the coming year and his analysis for me is very accurate. I am truly grateful

Neo Kwee Lin, 55

Life Bazi Analysis

Alvin Lim T K, 37

Life Bazi Analysis

Did a Bazi consultation with my husband and the session was informative. Kudos to the team

Very professional service. Detailed advice and had a comfortable session with Master. Will definitely come again for my review. Thank you Master

Bazi Re-Consultation       $98     $88





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