Life Bazi Consultation

Life Bazi Consultation is the ancient study of a person's life destiny using the 3,500-year-old "The 4 Pillars of Destiny" technique. This traditional technique is widely acclaimed for its depth, sophistication, and highly accurate revelation of its owner's life events, unfolding in the stipulated timeline.

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Why Do You Need?

Life Bazi Consultation is basically the unique profile book detailing every relationship, wealth, career, family event during a person's lifetime.


It is one of the longest surviving fortune-reading analytical tools used for more than thousands of years ago that still remains relevant in today's time. Many generations of our ancient ancestors have used this metaphysical method to forecast and unravel their future to achieve greater success in life.

With Life Bazi Consultation, anyone can have a real unfair advantage in life by knowing which job industry is most suitable for them and the 'right' business they can easily find success in.


It can also offer you answers to life questions such as when is the good time to make a significant investment, the right time to change jobs or start your own business, or does your current companion makes a good life partner in the future.


Who Needs It?

Life is full of uncertainty.


Are you currently at a crossroads in making an important decision? You wish for someone that can guide you into making the right one.


Find us to have your questions answered and problems solved if you are currently in these situations (not limited to);

- Making important decisions 
- Having a career change
- Making a significant investment
- Starting a business
- Getting married 
- Falling sick 
- Facing obstacles in jobs, relationships, or studies


Service Testimonial

Michelle Ong, 29

Life Bazi Consultation

Master Dominique gives me very good advise for the coming year and his analysis for me is very accurate. I am truly grateful.

Neo Kwee Lin, 55

Life Bazi Consultation

Did a Bazi consultation with my husband and the session was informative. Kudos to the team.

Alvin Lim T K, 37

Life Bazi Consultation

Very professional service. Detailed advice and had a comfortable session with Master. Will definitely come again for my review. Thank you Master!

Life Bazi Consultation