Grandmaster Jack Chua Portrait 9.png

Grand Master Jack Chua is a veteran and practitioner of the ancient Geomancy and Bazi studies for over 30 years.


Trained under a renowned Hongkong Geomancy Master from young age, he honed his expertise in Corporate Residential Fengshui, Bazi Life Analysis, Flying Star Analysis, Zi Wei Astrology, Emperor Star Astrology, 5 Elements Struture and I-Ching studies.

Conducted numerous seminars and classes worldwide, Grandmaster Chua is well known for his deep insights of the ancients studies and often delivering simple yet highly accurate solutions to his students.

One of his strongest strategy till date lies in delivering a suite of techniques that helps booster an indivudual Wealth Luck effectively. This is the culmination of over 20 years research through fusing various traditional formula and tested strategies through the Fengshui and I-Ching studies.

Keen in researching and refining his craft, he achieved another breakthrough studies in recent years by combining 5 Elements Structure, Flying Star and Tao of Chi technique for Fengshui Analysis. This pioneering method led to remarkable result for Fengshui audit testified by his followers and clients.

Retired since 2015, he made his re-entry to the scene with numerous clients asking for his solutions and assistance. 

Master Dominique Cai

Master Dominique Cai has inherited the decades long knowledge from his father and personal mentor, Grandmaster Jack Chua.

As a child, Master Cai has taken a keen and passionate interest in the art of metaphysics and ancient geomancy studies. He often impressed people around him and social circle with his deep knowledge and strong foundation in the study of 4 Pillars Of Destiny.

A former investment wealth banker serving High Net Wealth clients and serial entrepreneur with business interest in precious metals and other investment assets, Master Cai has now return to his roots and continue the family legacy with bringing additional values to NWP clients.

Combining the best of East and West knowledge, Master Cai adapts the thousand years knowledge and infuse with modern investment philosophy, enables clients to benefit greatly with his investment outlook.