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Grand Master Jack Chua has been a veteran and practitioner of the ancient Geomancy and Bazi studies for over 30 years. 

Having studied under a renowned Hongkong geomancy master from a young age, he honed his metaphysical expertise in various areas. He has extensive experience in Corporate and Residential Fengshui, Bazi Life Analysis, Flying Star Analysis, Zi Wei Astrology, Emperor Star Astrology, 5 Elements Cycle structure, and I-Ching studies.

Conducted numerous seminars and classes worldwide, Grandmaster Chua is well known for his profound insights into ancient studies and often delivering simple yet highly accurate solutions to his students.

His best-known strategy consists of delivering a suite of techniques that effectively improve an individual's wealth luck. This is the culmination of over 30 years of research through fusing various traditional formulas and tested strategies through the Fengshui and I-Ching studies.

Keen in researching and refining his craft, he achieved another breakthrough study in recent years by combining the 5 Elements Cycle structure, Flying Star, and Tao of Chi technique for Fengshui Analysis. This pioneering method led to remarkable results for the Fengshui audit, as testified by his followers and clients.

Retired in 2015, he is currently serving as Honorary Grandmaster of Nine Wealth Palace, providing mentorship and guidance to his younger disciples.

Master Dominique Cai

Dominique came from a strong lineage of geomancy masters, and Feng Shui thought leaders. Currently the second generation of Feng Shui consultants, he inherited more than 40 years of wisdom, experience, and knowledge in metaphysics and ancient geomancy.

Before taking over the business, Dominique had a successful career in the banking industry, helping High-Net-Worth clients strategize, plan, and achieve their investment goals.

An entrepreneur with a passion for helping everyday people gain financial freedom and protect themselves against economic crisis, he quit his stellar banking career to start a precious metals company. The company's mission is to provide investment-grade bullions to help average citizens protect wealth by converting liquid assets to hard commodities.

Six months after the company's incorporation, it reached the monumental milestone of $1 million in revenue, breaking the industry's norm. He is often labeled as the industry changer for introducing several schemes to provide affordable precious metal ownership to the general public.

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With an eventual plan to continue the family heritage, he cashed out on his successful business and returned to his roots of helping people from all walks of life prosper and thrive using time-tested metaphysical strategies.

Dominique was a Certified Financial Consultant and held various licenses for finance-related activities in Singapore. His vast experience and knowledge in the finance and investment sector have greatly helped him gel ancient metaphysical strategies that worked well in modern and current times.

Currently the Chief Executive of regional Feng Shui powerhouse Nine Wealth Palace (, he resides in Singapore. He is a Master Trainer for a wide range of metaphysical studies and Lead Consultant for domestic and international clients specializing in residential, corporate, and government-linked projects.

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