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Nine Wealth Palace is founded by Grandmaster Jack Chua in 1997. Operating from Bukit Timah area (Singapore) in its founding days, Nine Wealth Palace had extended its footprints to serving international clients from China, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

During its over 30 years of consulting in Residential and Commercial Fengshui, Life Bazi Analysis and other services, Nine Wealth Palace till date has served over thousands of international clients. We are constantly engaged to provide enriching seminars that focus on 12 Zodiac Analysis, Wealth Accumulation Ceremony, Fengshui, Flying Star and Bazi courses to enhance individuals luck and life success.


Taking over the helm from Grandmaster Jack Chua, Master Dominique Cai has been leading the company growth with his brilliant foresight, excellent stewardship and perfect grasp of the ancient studies of astrology and metaphysics.

Our Mission 

At Nine Wealth Palace, our mission statement is "Empowering every individual the ability to achieve happiness, wealth and a successful future". This is what we set out to do and constantly delivering as promised.

Founder Grandmaster Jack Chua firmly believes, every person should be aware of their life analysis allowing them in making informed decisions that can positively impact their life. Desired wish of an individuals can be achieve only if "correct" decisions are made at the right time.

With this mission in mind, Nine Wealth Palace sets out to helping people from all walks of life understand their life cycle and offering time tested solutions that focus in producing effective results.

Our Philantropy

Nine Wealth Palace believes in giving back to the community and providing assistance to the lesser privilege social group.


Since 2005, we have engaged in various social programmes that provide basic welfare to the poverty stricken area in South East Asia. We have partake in the building of hospitals and schools community projects that helps to alleviate the living conditions and financial burden of the people. 

More than $500,000 has also been donated till date to various charity groups. This emphasize our strong commitment in achieving mission statement of, "Empowering every individual the ability to achieve happiness, wealth and a successful future".

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1 Gateway Drive

#07-01, Westgate Tower

Singapore 608531


Whatsapp: +65 8514 2033 

Email: enquiry@ninewp.com

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