Personal Wealth Luck Booster

Wealth Luck Booster is a signature programme of Nine Wealth Palace. A traditional wealth gathering method inherited by Grandmaster Jack Chua from his mentor, this secret booster aim to help individuals and business owners improve wealth luck and strengthen the ability to keep wealth resources abundant.

Categorize into Direct Wealth (正财) or Indirect Wealth (偏财) booster programme, client can choose which area of wealth they wish to improve on.

Why Do You Need?

WIth the blessing of our Wealth Deity, Wealth Luck Booster helps individuals or businesses enhance fortune luck when they needed it. 

Using details such as date of birth, full name and residential area of individual or name of company, wealth luck booster is a personalized procedure that gives additional wealth aura to the blessed person or business entity.

Business owners  can also use this booster to increase company sales revenue and raise investment asset performance.

Who Needs It?

Wealth Luck Booster is essential for individuals or business owners wanting to increase their personal wealth or increase businesses performance to achieve better sales revenue. Come find us if you are currently in these situations (not limited to);

- Increasing active or passive income

- Increase company sales revenue

- Achieve better investment performance

- Opportunities for business expansion

- Multiply retirement funds

- More luck in gambling or lottery

Our Testimonial

Yih Jie, 29

Personal Wealth Luck Booster

Recommended by my friend to try and I must say the effect is very amazing. 

Judy Pheng, 62

Personal Wealth Luck Booster


Personal Wealth Luck Booster

Fantastic result. House unit strike top 3 prize within 1 month!

Went to MBS and won more than $5K in 1 night. Powerful session


  • $88 (Basic Wealth Booster)

  • $128 (Advance Wealth Booster)

Include Free: 

  • Intense Personal Wealth Luck Booster Procedure

  • Option for Recurring Booster Process for 30 days 

  • FREE Auspicious Luck Charm (worth $78)

        (For Advance Wealth Booster)

NWP Personal Wealth Luck Booster

Basic Booster              $88       $79


  • 10% OFF for Online Booking

  • FREE Blessed Gold Coin for Increasing Wealth (Worth $48)

Online Special Deal (10% Off)

Advance Booster        $128     $115





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