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The Secret Bazi Revelation of Successful Millionaire Business Owners

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Ever wonder what are the secret Bazi attributes of successful businessmen?

Many of my clients have been asking these questions…

“Is my Bazi suitable to do business?”

“Can I be an entrepreneur?”

“My spouse is interested in doing business, is he going to do well?”

From my years of analyzing Bazi Charts for my clients, I have personally gone through many successful businessmen's Bazi profiles.

From Millionaire business owners that owned multiple companies to failed entrepreneurs that bankrupted their business and lost tons of money…

So I’m sharing here in this post the top 3 types of 10 God that every business person or aspiring entrepreneur needs to have in his Bazi Charts to succeed.

And that is the result and essence of more than hundreds of business owners' Bazi Charts I have personally analyzed before.


So, the First 10God is 7Kill or 七杀. 7 Kill represents a leadership quality, ambitious, and driven type of personality. People with a strong 7 Kill have a liking for taking risks as they understand that to achieve great success, undertaking risk is necessary and important to bring their business game to a whole new different level.

They are also very persistent and determined in overcoming obstacles, so they are more capable of solving problems thrown to them along their way, as they will not give up easily till the last given minute. They are also extremely hardworking individuals with laser pointed focus on their prize. So once he set his aim on what is his goal at the end of the road, he will work his butt off to achieve it.


The Second 10God is Indirect Wealth or 偏财. Indirect Wealth represents someone who is an opportunist that can find business opportunity in what others could not see. People with strong Indirect Wealth also enjoy making money through the business world.

So they will be constantly looking and exploring different avenues and markets, trying to spot any money-making opportunity and dive right into it, as they extremely love it to be the early pioneers in the game when the rest have not spotted them.

This is also a natural characteristic of them with a penchant for taking risks in what they believe is a good financial opportunity.

Oh, and they are also very nimble to numbers and digits so they are natural negotiators that can bring back a good business deal.


The Third 10God is Direct Resource or 正印. People with strong Direct Resources have the luxury and good fortune of receiving support from Noble person or 贵人, when they needed it.

They are likely to gain access to resources such as financial assets, knowledge, or guidance that can help them overcome difficulties in times of crisis.

It is like an invisible hand supporting and preventing him from injury in the event of an accident.

So a businessperson with strong Direct Resource can find themselves achieving their goal or resolving problems not just by their own sweat effort, but with some great help from others as well.


So combining all the 3 types 10God qualities, you will find someone that is driven, ambitious, a natural leader that is strong at spotting a financial opportunity for his company.

And given the situation when his business is on the downside or facing financial difficulty, he will explore all the alternate possibilities of earning additional revenue to make it work again.

And furthermore, he has the good fortune of receiving resources from others when he needed help in achieving his goals.

Hope you have gained good insights of what are the traits of a successful businessperson Bazi Profile.

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