What Kind of Business Should I Start? 3 Simple Steps Revealed with Chinese Astrology BaZi

What if I tell you that there is a simple method of analyzing which business is easier for you to succeed in?

An accurate method that has been used for the past

By knowing this, you will have the unfair advantage of knowing which business you should be starting today that can be most financially beneficial and rewarding to you.

Today I will be sharing with you what types of business will be most suitable for you to get into, according to your personal BaZi profile. By the end of this article, you are going to discover these 3 simple steps that helped many of my clients got successful and prosperous in their business careers.


I believe many of you will agree with me that the path of being a business owner and entrepreneur is often a painful journey that requires a tremendous amount of time, resources, effort, and commitment to make your business succeed.

There’s a Chinese saying that goes, women are most afraid of marrying the wrong husband, while men are most afraid of getting into the wrong business. This statement still stands true today because getting into a ‘wrong’ business, for both men and women, can be one of the most devastating tragedies to happen.


For the First Step of finding out what business you should be starting, it is to find out what are your strongest 10 God Star in your BaZi Natal Chart that symbolizes your character strengths and weakness.

So, if you have Output stars like Hurt Officer or Eating God star residing in your chart and they are strong in strength, you are likely to possess a strong flair in the areas of creativity, design, music, arts, communication, or intellectual areas.

It is especially so if these Output stars belong to your favorable elements. This part over here outlines what you can be good at fundamentally. You see, many people I met and clients I encounter may not necessarily know what they are good or weak at on a personal level.

Therefore, it is vital to know our BaZi Natal Chart to clearly know our internal strengths and weakness to get a conclusive answer. And you would want to get into a business that you are good at! For example, you may be musically inclined and talented in learning artistic notes, but due to certain constraints, you may not have the luxury of attending a single music lesson in your life to know this. This is where having a good understanding of your BaZi Natal Chart can be especially helpful.


And going for the Second Step, it is to list down what are some of the skillsets you are particularly good at. It could be a set of skills you acquired during your previous working experience or having some specialized knowledge in certain areas.

The purpose here is to find out what you are specifically good at and possibly apply that advantage to your business. For example, you may have been a bartender for the past 5 years concocting drinks for your customers. So naturally, you may have honed some fantastic customer service skillset along with some expertise in wine and spirits, which you can bring forth in your upcoming business venture. You do not want to start a business that you have do not have a specialization about!

Because that will bring you to an amateur level and it will be hard competing with the other seasoned players in the same trade.


Going to the Third Step, which is also the most important part of all, is to find a business industry that utilizes your skills sets or knowledge that is compatible with your BaZi Natal Chart. Both have already been identified in earlier steps 1 and 2.

The main geez is to combine what you are already good at with what is inherently suitable for you according to your Bazi chart. For example, if you have strong and favorable Output stars in your BaZi profile and you also possess the knowledge and prior experience in interior designing work, I will strongly recommend you get into this business industry.

Your chance of success is way higher than getting into other industries as you had successfully exploited the understanding of your Bazi profile and leverage it to your new business.

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