Liu li Treasure Bowl posses the unique capability of magnifying any prosperity energy in the surrounding premise, thus prominently enhancing wealth and money luck for all business owners. Liu li crystal is a popular luck charm crystal well known for its ability of enhancing and improving surrounding Fengshui environment.


Combining the natural wealth boosting effect of Liu li with mystical power of Wealth Toad, this luck charm is a must have for all business owners to be placed in office, shop, factory to continously attract never-ending stream of sales and money flowing into company.


(Product Information)

  • Height: 24 cm
  • Length: 34 cm 
  • Weight: 4.3 kg


(NWP Luck Enhancing Procedure)

All NWP Fengshui Luck Charms are professionally luck-energised through a traditional aura-enhancing method customised with owner's full name or company's name. The full procedure requires 7 days to complete upon receving the details.


(NWP Luck Energising Essence)

To ensure your NWP Fengshui Luck Charm remain at its best optimal effect, a bottle of NWP Luck Energising Essence is included for re-boosting your luck charms every 30 days. Instructions to be included.

Liu Li Treasure Bowl with Wealth Toad

S$338.00 Regular Price
S$290.00Sale Price

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