Residential Fengshui

Fengshui is the ancient art of harmonizing surrounding environment to create positive energy flow. Through altering the environment to suit owners characteristics, balance of energy flow can be achieve to provide a prosperous outcome in Business, Career, Wealth, Relationship and Health matters

Why Do You Need?

Home is the vital place that heavily affects an individual's luck and wealth. A residential home with negative energy flow or bad design layout can cause career obstruction, destructive family relationship, money outflow or even sickness to the staying residents.

Good Fengshui technique can be applied and using appropriate methods to achieve and create additional prosperity to the owner and family.

Who Needs It?

Residential Fengshui audit is essential for owners that wish to understand how they can live in prosperity and abundance in their home. Come find us if you are currently in these situations (not limited to);

- Finding for a new house

- Having a career switch

- Making a big investment

- Starting a family

- Having newborn  

- Looking at increasing 2nd income

- Starting a new business

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HDB 5 Room      $880       $792

HDB 3 Room      $680       $612

HDB 4 Room      $780       $699

HDB EA/EM       $1,088     $979

EC/Condo           $1,288     $1,159

Landed               $1,588     $1,429


  • $680 (HDB 3 Rm)

  • $780 (HDB 4 Rm)

  • $880 (HDB 5 Rm)

  • $1,088 (HDB EA/EM)

  • $1,288 (EC/Condo)

  • $1,588 (Landed)

Include: ​

  • External Premise Geographical Fengshui Analysis

  • Internal Premise Geographical Fengshui Analysis

  • Analysis of Owners Bazi Profile for Compatibility (2 Pax)

  • Praying Procedure for Smooth Renovation

  • Praying Procedure for Prosperous Moving-In

  • Detailed Flying Star Chart Analysis

  • Recommendation of Luck Charms for Specific Luck Enhancement

  • Personalized Bazi Profile Printout

  • Master's Inspection Visit for "Chi" Flow Audit

  • FAQ Session

NWP Residential Fengshui

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Our Testimonial

Kenny, 37

Residential Fengshui

Personally felt very comfortable with Nine Wealth Palace service. My business sales increased 40% after doing some changes to my home fengshui. Gratitude to master for helping me sincerely

KK Lim, 48

Residential Fengshui

Wendy Chia, 33

Residential Fengshui

The Feng Shui consultation by Grandmaster Chua has marvelous effect. After installing the Wealth Luck Generating Device I struck 4D the following week and my husband had a promotion. I will be seeing you very soon thank you v m.

My wife and I had lesser arguments quarrels and kids study result improved drastically

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