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Our Success Story - Andy


Andy is a successful and accomplished property agent with numerous awards and trophies under his belt.

However, his life was drastically different back in 2018.

After his company downsized, Andy was retrenched from his position as Regional Operations Manager and was out of permanent employment for two years. To make ends meet and put food on the table, he had to be a freelance food delivery rider earning $5 for every delivery trip. 

His monthly take-home salary was a drastic 80% decrease from his previous employment. With little savings left and increasing household expenses to foot, he was at the lowest point of his life.

The pivotal moment occurred when Andy was offered a chance to be in the property market sector as a real estate agent. As this is his first sales career and a change of "employee" status to being "self-employed", Andy decided to seek out advice from Master Dominique after being recommended by a close friend.

After a personal
Life BaZi Analysis session with Master Dominique, Andy was diagnosed as a Strong Water element individual born in the year of Horse Zodiac, that requires a heavy dose of Earth element to improve his Career path.


He was advised to get the Auspicious Horse Zodiac & Mahasattva Wisdom Buddha Natural Green Jade Necklace to start his real estate career on the right foot. He subsequently registers for a Residential Fengshui Audit session with Master Dominique to improve the overall Fengshui layout and increase the positive Chi flow. 

Auspicious Horse Zodiac & Mahasattva Wisdom Buddha Natural Green Jade Necklace (Front).png
Auspicious Horse Zodiac & Mahasattva Wisdom Buddha Natural Green Jade Necklace (Back).png

During the Residential Fengshui Audit session, his residential home Fengshui was found to possess many unfavorable formations that are bad for the career advancement of household members. Master Dominique proceeded to highlight all the recommended changes in the Internal & External Residential Fengshui Consultation Report for the owner's rectification action.

In a short period of 6 months after consultation with Nine Wealth Palace, Andy saw immediate and long-term success in his work. He received his first award as the Top 100 salesperson in his division, beating many senior and more experienced realtors in his division to clinch this award.


To Andy, this was an unbelievable and remarkable result, considering his rookie status in this trade.

Over time, Andy had more and more success in his professional career life. His monthly income increased 10-fold in less than 2 years, and he began constantly earning five-figure paychecks. He also started to build his team and has gathered many newcomers to join him.

In 2021, Andy paid another visit to Master Dominique to get his BaZi chart reviewed every quarterly.


During the consultation, Master Dominique analyzed his Luck Pillar and uncovered a financial opportunity favorable to his work in the upcoming months. He was advised to get the Wealth Ancient Qi Lin Riding Cloud Natural Green Jade Necklace to help maximize his earning potential during this auspicious period.

Wealth Ancient Qi Lin Riding Cloud Natural Green Jade Necklace.png

In a matter of months, a string of successes happens once again. He managed to close several private-landed property sales and earned a cool 6 figure paycheck solely on these few transactions. That was the highest commission remuneration he ever received, and it's considered a huge personal achievement that few in his trade have ever gotten.

Wish to enhance your career progression? Book a Life BaZi Analysis consultation with us to learn how Nine Wealth Palace can help you achieve your goals and aspirations with our customized and effective Feng Shui solutions.

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