Our Success Story - Kathy


Kathy, an IT sales executive, is a firm believer in Fengshui and Chinese Astrology. Whenever she meets up with difficulties in life or is stranded at a decision-making crossroad, she gets her destiny chart analyzed by different masters to have her problems resolved.

In June 2019, Kathy encountered problems in both her relationship and career life. First, she broke up with her boyfriend for 2 years after a big fight occurred. Subsequently, a newly promoted manager transfers her existing clients out of her portfolio, resulting in a drop in sales commission. Due to the situations she is in, she is constantly vexed and stressed out.

She proceeds to hunt for several Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology consultants for advice on her problems. Eventually, most of them told her to keep her head down and endure the downwind period until the storm was over. She was reminded several times that inactivity was probably the best response during this time of terrible luck. Because of this advice to stay low profile, Kathy missed out on several working opportunities that might, ironically, end her streak of bad luck at work if she had taken them up.

It is at this point Kathy realized she had not found the right consultant that could correctly guide her out of her current disposition. She needed an alternate Master whom she could trust.

With a strong recommendation from her friends, Kathy found Nine Wealth Palace services. She had read numerous positive testimonials of their past clients, read through Master Dominique's videos and books, and found them highly trustworthy. Hence, she decided to give it another shot.

At the beginning of 2021, Kathy meetup with Master Dominique for her initial
Life BaZi Analysis consultation.

Master Dominque diagnosed her as a Weak Fire element person currently in an unfavorable Water element luck pillar period. This explains her frequent problems arising from work and personal life.

From her BaZi chart and
Residential Fengshui Audit consultation, Master Dominique devises several strategies to avoid significant conflicts in her workplace, improve her relationship with her superior, and enhance her love life. She also equipped herself with her first Jade Collection, the Auspicious Eagle Soaring New Heights Natural Green Jade Necklace, to reinforce the effect of the recommended strategies.

Auspicious Eagle Soaring New Heights Natural Green Jade Necklace.png

Despite the worldwide pandemic being a problem for sales professionals, Kathy was resolved not to let her sales pipelines and momentum be hindered in any way. With her sheer diligence, hard work, and a combination of Master Dominique's strategies with her jade collection treasure, she has constantly been hitting her sales target with 5 figures commission.

The big surprise came when Kathy was offered a promotion to the role of Senior Sales Executive, as this position is usually reserved for senior sales staff with long tenure in the company. Despite her short employment of fewer than 2 years, her talent was quickly recognized and respected by her superiors.

With her newfound success in her career, Kathy decides to work on her relationship matter by getting the Eternal Luck & Happiness Natural Green Jade Pearl Shape Necklace from Nine Wealth Palace. Master Dominique also further enhanced her relationship luck through several mantra blessing ceremonies.

Eternal Luck & Fortune Natural Green Jade Pearl Shape Necklace.png

In the space of 6 months, Kathy saw her relationship and romance luck improve. Now she is happily attached to her boyfriend, and they are planning their next phase of life.

Wish to enhance your career progression and romance luck? Book a consultation with us to learn how Nine Wealth Palace can help you achieve your goals and aspirations with our customized and effective Feng Shui solutions.