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Our Success Story - KC


KC has always dreamt of starting and running his F&B outlet since young. In 2018, he acted on his calling and invested a 6-figure sum into his first F&B outlet in Singapore. However, his dream business venture soon turned into a series of setbacks and nightmares for him.

In the initial 8 months of operation, his business suffered huge financial losses due to a lack of in-store customers. Business sales started spiraling downwards when similar competitors began springing up near his outlet premise.

Tight cash flow and bad sales are affecting the survivability of the business. He is faced with 2 inevitable options; Find more funds to continue running the business or fold up the venture and call it a day.

The daily stress of finding more funds and running the daily operations caused him to suffer constant insomnia and anxiety attacks.

He is on the brink of a mental collapse.

KC’s closest pal, Max, knew he needed help. Max is a past client of Nine Wealth Palace, who recommended him for a consultation session for his business problems.

In the initial Life BaZi Analysis consultation session, Master Dominique managed to uncover the root of his business problem. KC is a Weak Fire element person currently going through the Water element luck pillar cycle, his most unfavorable element. This means that there will be both financial and health problems in the near future.

In his Residential Fengshui Audit consultation, the master bedroom is found to reside in an unfavorable sector of the premise. Resting in this sector can give rise to marital problems and money issues. In addition, there are numerous Sha Qi formations found at the exterior landform (Luan Tou) of the premise.

In his Interior and Exterior Fengshui Report, Master Dominque highlights and proposes several strategies for rectifying problems in the Business and Wealth area. While the solutions are primarily personalized for KC‘s BaZi profile, other family members in the same household are also taken into consideration.

Additionally, KC got hold of Nine Wealth Palace's Abundance Luck Ancient Dragon Head Natural Green Jade Necklace for an extra boost to his business luck. He also got his wife the Auspicious Natural White Jade Wealth Circle Necklace to help enhance her wealth luck and improve her health condition.

Abundance Luck Ancient Dragon Head Natural Green Jade Necklace.png
Auspicious Natural White Jade Wealth Circle Necklace.png

6 months after the initial consultation, KC's business improved dramatically. He is seeing a gradual increase in business revenue with a growing amount of returning customers. One of KC's former colleagues even invested a sum of money in his restaurant in exchange for a small equity stake. They are now working on their expansion plans to open up more outlets in the next milestone of their business journey.

Are you feeling vexed by the problems in your life right now? Book a consultation with us to learn how Nine Wealth Palace can help you solve your problems and achieve your goals with our customized and effective Feng Shui solutions.

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