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Our Success Story - Shao Qi


Shao Qi is working as an Account Executive in a Singapore-based Engineering company as their contractual employee.

For the past 2 years, Shao Qi has been waiting patiently to be confirmed as permanent company staff. Despite her best work performance and appraisal, she was never given a chance to ask about the transition. This resulted in substantial monetary losses, not entitled to the yearly bonus, salary increment, full medical benefits, and leave entitlement. These benefits are only reserved for permanent staff of the company.

On top of this, she is well aware that her job security as a contractual staff is nearly non-existent, as, in the event of any manpower trimming exercise, they will be the first to let go. She is undecided about switching to another company or waiting for a permanent position that never seems to arrive.

She has no idea what the future holds for her career.

During a casual meetup with her close friend Shannon, she mentioned her recent promotion and career breakthrough shortly after consultation with Master Dominique from Nine Wealth Palace. Shannon urged Shao Qi to take matters into her own hands instead of waiting for the opportunity to drop by. Shao Qi is inspired by Shannon's testimony of Nine Wealth Palace service and decided to head on for a consultation.

During the initial
Life BaZi Analysis consultation, Master Dominique pointed out several difficulties Shao Qi is currently facing in her life, including stagnation in her career that left her clueless about her future.

Shao Qi is astonished by the accuracy of her BaZi chart analysis. She requested Master Dominique for a complete overview of her current situation.

In the
Residential Fengshui Audit session, Master Dominique highlighted several problems with her residential premise's orientation, Chi flow, and bedroom direction that critically affected Shao Qi's career progression.

Master Dominique subsequently devised several Fengshui strategies that synergized well with her BaZi profile, capable of counteracting and improving Shao Qi's career life. It is listed out in the Internal and External Fengshui Consultation Report given after every audit session.

As Shao Qi was born in the year of Dragon, Master Dominique prescribed her an
Auspicious Dragon Zodiac & Meditation Sutra Buddha Natural Green Jade Necklace to further enhance her career endeavors. The Dragon Zodiac regards Meditation Sutra Buddha, as its guardian Goddess that possesses divine ability to assist one in overcoming adversities, relieve one's woes, and help enhance wealth fortune capacity by significantly increasing their earning potential.

Auspicious Dragon Zodiac & Meditation Sutra Buddha Natural Green Jade Necklace (Front).png
Auspicious Dragon Zodiac & Meditation Sutra Buddha Natural Green Jade Necklace (Back).png

Few months down the road, Shao Qi receives the good news she has been waiting for. She was finally confirmed as a permanent staff in her company. On top of this fabulous news, she was also given a pay raise for her exceptional performance to date.

Shao Qi is thankful to Master Dominique and the Nine Wealth Palace team for making her dream a reality. She is now happily employed and looking at other strategies to further improve her career, wealth, and health.

Wish to enhance your career progression and wealth luck? Book a Life BaZi Analysis consultation with us to learn how Nine Wealth Palace can help you achieve your goals and aspirations with our customized and effective Feng Shui solutions.

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